Owen Wilson is Electroman. He has commandeered a disused satellite in outer space. Now he can beam into anywhere on earth. Soon he transforms his beam into a weapon of mass destruction. Suddenly he is able to zap anyone he wants. But best of all he can see one day into the future.

At first, Owen zaps Ginger’s tail as he is about to pounce on a bird outside his bedroom window. Soon he graduates to zapping bank robbers at the local mall. And then, he discovers America’s first suicide bomber at a concert hall in Hollywood.

But Owen still lives at home with his mom. He has no job and he has no money. His only friend is Toby Tyler, his next door neighbor. Neither Owen nor Toby have ever kissed a girl but both are in love with Holly who comes to Owen’s house every Tuesday to do his mothers hair.

Follow Owen’s adventures as he struggles with his new found power, his relationship with Toby and his love for Holly.

And agonise with Owen as he grapples with love, sex, revenge, greed and Islam.

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Jay Himont is a New York banker who also lives in Tel Aviv. But as a baby his name was Yacov Hochberg, snatched from his mothers arms below the sign that says “Arbeit Macht Frei” at the entrance to Auchwitz.

Today he is a successful businessman, suddenly confronted by three generations of women whose company he is taking over. And as he becomes entangled in their lives he discovers that one of them is his mother, his sister has fallen in love with him and her father is trying to kill him.

“And then inside of him she saw herself, the tingling sweeping through her veins, frolicking like dancing queens in waves and waves of ecstasy that swept her into the atmosphere to heights she never knew before. And all this time she could not talk because there were no words to say that yet had been invented.”

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Dan Drexler, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating